Transforming what?

Our work is focused on the following areas

Consultancy and training for social organisations

Consultancy and training acts as a lever for transformation, helping organisations and their teams to improve their results. We offer our knowledge, effort and creativity in processes of: Internal Organisation, Evaluation, Strategy, Meeting Facilitation, Conflict Mediation, Project Management, Partnership Building, etc.

We offer our knowledge, effort and creativity in processes of

Internal organization
Meeting Facilitation
Mediation in conflicts
Project management
Creation of Associations
And more…

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Education for Global Citizenship, Advocacy and Environmental Education

The most effective change for social transformation is Education, Participation and Legislation. We collaborate with organisations by producing documents, facilitating reflection and through training.

We collaborate

Preparing documents
Encouraging reflection
Through training

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Development cooperation: project design, management and evaluation

Development cooperation is perhaps the most difficult field for consultancy. We are cautious, we work very hard and we listen. We bring creativity and experience to bear on situations with enormous problems in an innovative way.

We carry out Evaluation and Consultancy in the design and management of Development Cooperation projects and programmes from an “expert” approach, in countries and areas of work that we know well.

We offer


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Stories of Transformando in the Global South

Working in impoverished countries is both professionally and personally challenging. We collect images and stories that drive us to continue improving our services and increasing our commitment.

You can view images and stories of our work in Development Cooperation here

Social Economy, Social Entrepreneurship, Inclusive Entrepreneurship. Associationism

Entrepreneurship involves personal and community empowerment. For people in a situation of exclusion, sometimes it is their only employment option. We prepare manuals, train, advise and carry out business diagnoses.

We support the creation of companies that have a social purpose, inclusive companies, created to give opportunities to people in situations of exclusion. We also work on entrepreneurship in countries of the “Global South”.

We prepare manuals
We train people
We advise

We support business creation

Social purpose
Create opportunities

Some of our clients