WHAT Is Transformando?

TRANSFORMANDO is a “social enterprise” established in 1999, a company created expressly to improve the lives of people who are excluded, impoverished, placed in a vulnerable situation. We only work for entities that have social projects: NGOs, public administration or for companies with serious social responsibility projects. We also support entrepreneurs who are in a vulnerable situation or have a social purpose




The situations that we address in our work do not leave us indifferent and we put all our efforts into each project.


We receive austere salaries for very demanding solidarity work. We are not driven by economic incentives, but by social impact. We do not distribute profits.

Good work

Based on knowledge, experience and dedication, because we know we can improve people’s lives. 

Autonomy of clients and participants

The tools and knowledge provided by our work allow people and organisations to continue to improve on their own. We seek not to create dependency.

Solidarity economy

We support and participate in an inclusive, democratic and transformative economy.